ICT Resource Centre

Our computer laboratory is well equipped with 19 computers and 1 Printer. Students can do computer related Practical work (T.B.T.) Project work is prepared by pupil teachers by selecting one or the other method of specialization. Presentation is done in the presence of school students. Lab is well equipped with UPS.


The library is located at the center block of the college, having area 1000sq.ft.with separate reading hall facility. Its mission is “To provide updated and comprehensive information from Education field .It has sitting capacity of 100 students in reading room .Library is equipped with 3500 number of book with number of titles 1100. Library consists 86 number of reference books like encyclopedias,dictionaries,updated research volume of M.B.Bouch,documents ,reports etc.Every year Library subscribes 25 different National and International journals including NCERT and NCTE journals to update educational information

Art and Craft Resource centre

arts education can imbue in young people a sense of the satisfaction that comes from working to create something, the ability to use and understand language effectively, and a profound sense of ‘the values that permit civilized life to go on’. Art nurtures inventiveness as it engages students in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation. Art and Craft Resource center of our college is furnish with different types of papers, Acrylic colors,and essential material to provide different experiences in Arts and Crafts.

Method Halls

For each method, a separate hall is available. Lecturers give guidance to their respective method students, in the allotted time. These rooms are also used for celebrating the days of national & international importance & other house activities.

Building and Infrastructure

The college is housed in a well ventilated, fully furnished building with all the required infrastructure such as Lecture hall, Method rooms, Curriculum Laboratory,Art and Craft resource center,Physical Education Resource Center,Separate Common Room for male and female students, Visitors room, Staff Room, Library cum Reading Room etc. the library is well equipped with books, journals and periodicals .The college has well developed computer laboratory and internet facility.

Multipurpose Hall

A large Multi-Purpose Hall is the center of considerable activity and has facilities for indoor events, meetings and performances. Other things which get conducted in a multipurpose hall is like college events, sports events, Cultural Activities, Seminars,Workshops,Symposium etc.

Curriculum Laboratory

There is a separate laboratory of Curriculum resources. The laboratory is well equipped with the material & apparatus required for the Curriculum understanding of different subjects. A good number of material is available in our curriculum laboratory , which are used to enrich comprehension regarding relevant subjects.

Physical Education Resource Centre

Students enjoy sports. To satisfy their needs regarding sports, the college has taken care of making available the sports material. Different kinds of indoor sports material like Chess, Badminton, Carom board, etc. are made available, as well as the equipment required for outdoor games like Cricket, football, Shot-put are also available for the students